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Money, Money, Money With the federal government’s fiscal year coming to an end in a few days (Sunday, September 30, 2018), much of the attention over the last several days has been on the federal budget (planning stop gap measures to keep the government running to early December and beyond), and what money remains to

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  • When Is An Invoice An Asset?

    When a company is looking to fund its growth from outside sources, one particular aspect of their business is a good candidate for use as collateral – the invoice. An invoice is an...

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With growing competition for government contracts, companies are looking for ways to improve their B2G marketing by communicating better with the government and potential teaming partners, as well as creating more efficient processes, and tapping into new and emerging technologies.

The goal of this guide is to provide some of the key strategies and tactics, so your company can gain a tactical advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace, and find ways to differentiate your business from others.

B2G Marketing Guide for Government Contractors

We have grouped this guide to start with the marketing strategies and tactics that will form the foundation of your marketing operations. As you go through the guide, each section will be another advancement in your marketing operations. The last items on our list represent the most sophisticated approaches that are dependent on your business having the foundation in place to support them, as well as being able to successfully execute some of the tactics before them.


How do the armed forces of the United States use Instagram? Who is most successful and why? How can people communicate with our men and women in the military on this social channel? And how can you potentially leverage some of what they do well for your own business? Read all the data and analysis in our latest report.

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The benefit from Government Contractors and Catoctin College is that you both enroll in courses, as well as provide courses and thought-leadership for the GovCon community.

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Through a special program at Catoctin, you can subscribe as a Course Instructor and submit a course program that you want to offer. Specify if the course is to be "free" (most courses for government audiences need to be free) or if there is a course fee. Follow the instructions, and a member of the Catoctin team will help you get started. Click here to get started, and create a course.

Enroll In Courses

Catoctin College is not the only place you can enroll in courses. We have partnerships with other providers and provide links to their courses on our website. We do not control the prices for courses offered by third parties, and work with instructors to set reasonable costs for courses that they create depending on the complexity of the curriculum. If you have questions about pricing, other anything relating to the courses listed in Government Contractors, write us at:

How To Create Successful B2B and B2G Webinars

Webinars have evolved into one of the most effective lead generation and educational formats available to a business. However, they have to be done correctly - or the time and money you invest will not produce the results you expect or are capable of generating.

In this unique course, you will have a series of online lessons that will cover the steps to create a Webinar for a business or government audience. Each lesson group will include detailed information, as well as resources that you will be able to use.

Following each lesson group, instead of a quiz or exam, there will be a period of one-on-one learning. Each student (or company if there are multiple students from one company) will receive dedicated hours from a member of our team that will go towards answering questions, as well as planning and preparing for your own Webinar.


Featured GovCon - 101 Courses


Learn the fundamentals of what Inbound Marketing is and how it is used by government marketing professionals to improve online interaction and generate leads for business.


Learn the fundamentals of Content Marketing. We define what "content marketing" is and is not, what makes content effective, and how you can manage your content development process to work within budget and staffing constraints.

In this course, we cover industries that are: B2B and B2G


LinkedIn is the most powerful business social network in the world. Not convinced? This course will review exactly what LinkedIn is all about, how to construct a compelling profile, as well as networking techniques / tactics that you can employ immediately to start making connections. This course is not as detailed as our LinkedIn for Sales / Business Development course, but it is a good starting point.


Search engines have become our answer engines. People globally, whether triggered by an immediate need or through mass media, turn to search engines (Google mostly) to find information on events, places, products, services and more. Learn the fundamentals of what SEO is, and what your need to master search engine optimize for your company / website.


E-mail marketing remains the most cost effective and impactful form of marketing for all types of businesses, at almost every stage of business development. However, in our modern economy, email needs to be personalized, timely, relevant, and welcomed. This course will explore the fundamentals of email marketing, best practices, and show some examples.


Social Media 101 provides a detailed introduction to the different social media networks, what each network is about, best ways to use them personally and professionally, as well as important online etiquette and how users from different age groups interact in social media.

Featured GovCon - Advanced Marketing and Sales


This course starts by covering the fundamentals of the inbound marketing methodology. Through detailed case studies and other tools, you will learn how SEO, content pages, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting come together to form a modern inbound marketing strategy. The course will cover important software programs for implementing an inbound marketing program and reporting templates.

Each student also will have homework projects, and one-on-one instructor time to review marketing for their own company, and directly develop inbound marketing for their business with instructor assistance.

Lastly, each student receives a dedicated block of instructor hours for questions and answers following the class, including access to a "members only" community to ask questions and receive follow-up information.


Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users that use the photo and video sharing site for anything you can image. Compelling visual story-telling is an essential component of today's modern marketing, and Instagram gives marketers the ability to reach audiences in ways that other networks cannot compete with.

For example, hashtags for "food" related posts number in the tens of millions to hundreds of millions. #menshairstyle has almost half a million. And the U.S. Marines have over 1.5 million in their audience. The diversity of audiences in significant, and there are many opportunities to communicate using the right imagery.

This course will explore Instagram, and how to use Instagram for marketing. We will cover best practices, case studies, and review ideas / interests from students and use them as examples.

In this course, we will cover industries that are: B2B, B2C and B2G


E-mail marketing remains the most cost effective and impactful form of marketing for all types of businesses, at almost every stage of business development. However, in our modern economy, email needs to be personalized, timely, relevant, and welcomed.

This course will review the fundamentals of email marketing and best practices, and then dive into more advanced concepts - such as template design, mobile optimization, gmail optimization, subject lines and more. We will review best case examples of e-mails and e-mail campaigns. And discuss the software / technology that leads to successful e-mail campaign management.

In this course, we cover industries that are: B2B, B2C and B2G


Search engines have become our answer engines. Government decision-makers routinely start their research to solve challenges or explore new ideas by conducting searches to find as much information as possible. Are you being found in those searches?

Some say search engine optimization or SEO is dead. But millions of people, including government employees, turn to search engines (Google mostly) to find information on events, places, products, services and more. You cannot ignore the critical role SEO plays in your marketing and business development.

This course is specially tailored for GovCon professionals at all levels to learn the fundamentals of SEO and see examples of how it is important, as well as dive into advanced concepts and tactics that will immediately make a difference for your company.

In this course, we cover industries that are: B2G


Networking is a critical part of being a government contractor. Meeting industry colleagues is essential to help win opportunities that involve teams. What's more, meeting key thought leaders and decision-makers in government is essential to building relationships, and opening doors.

This course will include online lessons, as well as private group-chats, and one-on-one discussion. Following completion of the course, all students can continue in a specialized community for this class that continues the discussion on networking, personal brand-building, and how to navigate the complex world of govcon events.


Do you use HubSpot? Marketo? Infusionsoft? SharpSpring? Or a sophisticated email and automation platform like Eloque or IBM Watson Campaign Automation (formally SilverPop)? In many cases, companies purchase systems and do not leverage the most from them. This results in lost productivity and frustrated teams.

In this course, we are going to review the capabilities in most of the top-line CRM and marketing automation solutions.

Enrollment also provides you direct one-on-one consultation about your current system (contractual agreement, user access, and NDA required).

Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors

Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™ Bootcamp is a comprehensive and immersive 2-day learning experience for executives, professionals and administrative staff responsible for identifying, qualifying, pursuing and winning federal contracts and subcontracts.

Based on proven processes and decades of practical experience and expertise, this program exists solely to empower these individuals with essential knowledge and skills to help them succeed. While in the program, participants will be exposed to processes, schemas, systems and terminology key to understanding federal acquisition, the business development life cycle, opportunity management and more.

Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™ Bootcamp includes comprehensive lecture, discussions and hands-on lab activities where participants can apply newly acquired information-in-context during scenarios relevant to their organizational objectives.

Who Should Attend:

Business Leaders, Executives, Professionals and Administrative staff responsible for developing and executing federal sector strategy, marketing, business development, and capture management activities.


The Developing Body of International Rules, Regulations, and Contracting Practices for Government Contractors


The 3rd Annual Cybersecurity Summit for Government Contractors is a one-day, high level, broad sweep of how cybersecurity impacts the latest regulatory requirements, business risks, and technology challenges in today's government and commercial landscape. This program will focus on cybersecurity challenges, issues and solutions with timely updates on new rules and regulations as well as proposed current legislation. We will discuss corporate leadership awareness, responsibilities and proactive strategies to help organizations move from a 'reduce-risk readiness' to a proactive posture, protecting customer and personal information and critical data.


Many businesses have a CRM and marketing automation system in place. However, their key personnel are not trained or not using the system's full functionality. This on-site training program pairs government contractors with experts in various CRM and Automation platforms to help their teams get the most out of the system and the company's investment.


We are currently building out a series of programs and partners to provide on-site training and classroom-based learning. If you are interested in either receiving on-site training in a particular area, or want to partner, please contact us.


Government Marketing University hosts a 4-part face-to-face series of group meetings in our Mentor Program Series. There are pairings of mentors and protégés (max of 15 Protégés), with mentors and protégés matched based on skills and needs. Each face-to-face session offers 1:1 time for mentors and protégés, a group program and networking time with all participants.


Cyber threats and attacks are happening frequently, bringing down organizations without warning and keeping chief information security officers (CISOs) up at night. The reality of today is cyberattacks can come in various forms and from almost any direction and from any device, keeping network security professionals busy. Our jobs are no longer just focused on one task but many tasks that are intertwined with technology, compliance and regulatory requirements.

How To Win Business From The Government

By James J. Baker

The goal of this book is to simply show where to look to find out about information technology deals as well as how to access the right people and present your company in an unforgettable fashion.

You want to show your future customers that you understand their issues, and can offer them a solution that meets their requirements.

James J. Baker is a noted speaker, author, consultant and strategist on the public sector technology marketplace. He has spent the bulk of his career in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area consulting for technology companies that sell to government.

Baker has worked with many technology companies, from Fortune 500’s to small businesses, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Unify, Hewlett Packard, vmWare, McAfee, Intel, Verizon, Sybase, AT&T, and BDNA.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, Baker currently resides in Northern California with his wife and two sons.

How To Win Business From The Government

The summary of this book, and ordering information, is coming soon.


Description and link to purchase coming soon.


Description and link to purchase coming soon.


Description and link to purchase coming soon.


Description and link to purchase coming soon.


Description and link to purchase coming soon.


Description and link to purchase coming soon.

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