About Government Contractors

Government Contractors has been created to provide a careful mix of news, information, education and resources to the government contracting community and the government customer.

Our mission is to build a platform that allows the GovCon community to engage one another, as well as their customers, through content, education, events, forums, and the exchange of knowledge and experience from industry thought leaders.

Today, there is no shortage of news and wire services. However, there is lack of business resources, forums for thought leaders and experts, education, and other essentials that can help government contractors be more successful.

Therefore, Government Contractors seeks to be a complementary resource to B2G businesses and the government in the United States and internationally.

Our business goals for Government Contractors are to provide:

  • The most recent news and information about government contracting - produced by our writers, third-party contributors, and other sources.

  • Business resources, primers, guides, and content for GovCon professionals in all areas to help them enhance their knowledge and skills.

  • Third-party analysis of contracts, as well as match-making services that can help connect businesses to partners and opportunities.

  • Education (online and in the classroom) from the GovCon community. This will include Boot Camps, third party courses, and native courses. NOTE: Through a Learning Management Systems (LMS), every GovCon professional will be able to become a teacher as well as a student, so that knowledge and skill development can take place.

  • Agency profiles and contract summaries that will provide important background and mission statements.

  • Sections for thought leaders to share their expertise on a wide range of topics relating to the government contracting industry and GovCon business operations.

  • Connections to industry events, Webinars, and networking opportunities, so GovCon professionals have ways to stay connected with and learn from other area professionals and experts.

  • Forums for discussion on important topics, as well as a message forum for the government customer to post / share topics that are of interest to their mission.

And Looking ahead to the future… We want to provide:

  • Company profiles of government contractors, as well as small to mid-sized businesses interested in becoming strategic partners to government contractors.

  • Listings of jobs, mentors, apprenticeships and internships from across the community to allow people to advance in their careers, as well as to give companies access to the best talent.

  • Ideas from our community that will help strengthen and grow GovCon businesses, and improve the service and value provided to the government customer.

Key Links, Forms, and Contacts

Questions about articles and resources on the website? Please send an e-mail to the Government Contractors Editorial Team at: editorialteam@governmentcontractors.co

Questions about educational resources or courses, please e-mail: ed@governmentcontractors.co

GovCon Question?

Have a question about the GovCon industry? Send us your question to our panel of experts. We will post an answer to your question in our weekly GovCon Q&A Roundup, as well as send you a direct response. All submissions will be kept confidential. No names or email addresses will be shared publicly.

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