Government Contractors provides low advertising rates, and multiple locations for advertising.

Through our strategic partnership with Catoctin Education, we also provide the ability for government contractors to offer courses that they can sell or make available for free for other businesses or government agencies.

Review our advertising rates and options below. Questions? Please contact us at:

General Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Advertisements (Rates good from launch date to September 31, 2018)

Homepage Ad Blocks

Homepage Banner (top): $250 (30 days)

Homepage Banner (main section left): $175 (30 days)

Homepage Banner (main section right): $175 (30 days)

Homepage Banners (sections): $125 (30 days)

Homepage Sponsored Content: $250 (30 days)

Interior Page Ad Blocks

Interior Page Banner (top): $200 (30 days - noncompetitive to Thought Leader host)

Interior Page Banner (main section left): $150 (30 days - noncompetitive to Thought Leader host)

Interior Page Banner (main section right): $150 (30 days - noncompetitive to Thought Leader host)

Interior Page Banners (sections): $125 (30 days - noncompetitive to Thought Leader host)

Interior Page Sponsored Content: $250 (30 days - noncompetitive to Thought Leader host)

Sponsored Webinars

A sponsored Webinar is an online event that is hosted by Government Contractors with one of our founding partners serving as host and/or moderator. The event is promoted to our audience through e-mail, advertisements, social media promotions, interviews, and other means. The Government Contractors team also provides assistance on production of the event. The Webinar also is hosted through the Government Contractors Webinar provider (TBD). All events must be booked at least 6 weeks prior to event date in order to ensure adequate promotional time and audience generation. All registrations are shared with event speakers. Cost per Event: $5,000

Event Listings

All basic event listings are free. Events must be confirmed prior to posting with a company representative.

Promoted Events

Promoted events include pre-event interview(s) with speakers and company representatives (No more than 3), and an event banner placement on specific days (Days and number of days TBD). Cost: $250

Prices subject to change. Please confirm rates when you speak with our team.

Interested in advertising on Government Contractors? Please select all the advertisement options that are of interest to you, and a member of our team will contact you.

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