Gary Honig, President, Creative Capital Associates, Inc.

Gary Honig is President of Creative Capital Associates, Inc, a commercial finance company which has been operating nationally for over a decade. Creative Capital Associates provides critical operational capital to emerging companies. While specializing in technology related industries, CCA funds all types of businesses that qualify throughout the U.S. Available to speak at conference panels to help small business owners understand how to best utilize outside funding to help a business grow.

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As a business owner looking for help financing part of your business, it is important to understand the fundamental differences of a bank line of credit and a term loan.
At various times in the life of a company there are going to be requirements for outside capital in order to grow the business. Choosing which type financing vehicle is
Business-people always say that access to funds is the life blood of any company. Going out and securing outside financing to help grow a business is an important step in

When Is An Invoice An Asset?

When a company is looking to fund its growth from outside sources, one particular aspect of their business is a good candidate for use as collateral – the invoice. An

What Are Asset Based Loans?

Many well-established government contractors turn to Asset Based Lenders (ABL) for capital. ABLs provide commercial financing to companies primarily using accounts receivables as collateral. Typically the Contractor will have a

Dealing With Uncertainty

The calamitous economic environment we find ourselves in creates peril and uncertainty when it comes to staying out of trouble. The ripple effect of banks going out of business or

How Invoice Factoring Works

Many government contractors who are finally awarded a long sought after contract have the dilemma of how to cash flow the new work. Especially in cases where the contract calls
Last week in Washington D.C. at the Startup Mixology Conference active Angel investor John May of the New Vantage Group expressed the need for entrepreneurs to think realistically about seeking and expecting
The Mid-Atlantic region is heating up with a fresh batch of start-up companies who are expanding their reach from Pennsylvania down to Richmond, Virginia. With the advent of Web 2.0
There is a distinction between different types of equity investors. Knowing the difference between Seed, Angel and Venture Capital is critical to working with and marketing to them. Seed capital is

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