James McCarthy, Chairman, Novume Solutions

James McCarthy is the Chairman of Novume Solutions, and former Founder, Principal Owner and Technical Director of AOC Key Solutions, Inc.

Novume helps federal government contractors to CAPTURE business, MANAGE risk, RUN client back-end services and PERFORM their contract requirements. We provide the scale and mass to deliver critical, specialized and difficult-to-find human and infrastructure resources and expertise at the enterprise level.

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Often debate rages as to whether it is generally a good idea on recompetes for incumbent program managers (PM) also to be dual-hatted as capture managers. Absolutely not. Sometimes we see what we want to see, not what really is. In like manner, some incumbent program managers are too close to the recompete to see
We have all been there: Stand-up meetings that began with such promise, but over time they languished until we came to dread them as time wasters. Here are 10 keys to making your stand-up meetings effective for everyone: Actually stand up. Don’t let anyone settle in their seats for a session of gridlock. They’re called “stand-up

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