Sean Tucker, Editor and Content Strategist, Edison Electric Institute

Sean Tucker is the Editor and Content Strategist for the Edison Electric Institute. He also is an established writer, editor, manager, and coach for young writers. He also has written for High Gear Media and US News & World Report.

Tucker has experience launching and building several successful web properties -- taking them from zero pageviews to highly competitive positions in crowded markets, and more importantly, to profitability. He has authored feature articles for print and web, car reviews, news articles, textbooks, technical documents, marketing and proposal materials.

Tucker also is a manager with experience building editorial operations, coaching young writers and refining content strategies. Experience in utilities, finance, government contracting, automotive, legal, medical, A/E/C and education.

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The problem confronting the Department of Defense is stark, and simple, according to Dr. John Hamre, President and CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. It simply costs too much to do what it does. Dr. John Hamre, former DOD Comptroller and Deputy Secretary of Defense, speaking at the Fairfax County (Virginia) Chamber of Commerce’s
It might sound unlikely, in the difficult climate of government contracting today, but subcontractors are growing more powerful. Prime contractors should proceed with caution when engaging a sub. That’s the message Rebecca Kehoe, head of the Government Contracting and Technology practice of Watkins Meegan, delivered at the govConNet 2011 Congressional Procurement Conference in Rockville, Maryland this week. Rebecca Kehoe
The market is tough for subcontractors right now, but it isn’t necessarily easier for prime contractors, according to Babak Nouri, Vice President and Small Business Program Director for SAIC. “There seems to be this myth that, if you’re a subcontractor, you don’t control your own destiny. But as a prime contractor, we don’t control our own
Master marketing to one large business, says L-3 Stratis Vice President of Small Business Programs Wayne Pizer, and you’ve mastered them all. “Every large business is different, but we’re all looking for the same thing.” L-3 Stratis’ Wayne Pizer explains how to market to prime contractors. Speaking to a crowd of small business owners at the govConNet 2011 Congressional
In a very compact and detailed exploration of Gov 2.0, FedScoop’s FedTalks 2010 dove into the web 2.0 and cloud initiatives government agencies are deploying to meet actual needs and improve productivity and service value. The one-day conference, held in Washington, DC’s Shakespeare Theater, focused heavily on how government agencies can be successful at implementing web 2.0

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