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Running a business-to-government (B2G) company requires careful planning, compliance, solid daily operations, the right messaging, and the best personnel. This section harnesses experts who provide insight into each of the most critical functions necessary for a successful GovCon business.

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BidSync from Periscope Holdings
Periscope Holdings, a leader in government procurement solutions, today introduced an entirely new government bid experience for suppliers, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The completely rebuilt BidSync™ supplier application leverages machine-learning technology to deliver the most relevant, winnable government opportunities for each user. Smart enough to automatically filter out bids that are irrelevant to each supplier’s
We have all been there: Stand-up meetings that began with such promise, but over time they languished until we came to dread them as time wasters. Here are 10 keys to making your stand-up meetings effective for everyone: Actually stand up. Don’t let anyone settle in their seats for a session of gridlock. They’re called “stand-up
As proposal manager, there are nine — make that an even ten — red flags that should give you pause during the proposal process. Beware of these telltale signs that trouble is brewing: An absence of real customer insight – the team knows only superficialities. A blowhard subject matter expert claiming to know it all and who countenances no
Just when you thought you’d planned for every contingency, your old friend Mr. Murphy pays you a visit. Consider whether any of the following ring true during your capture process: Left to itself, a capture effort tends to go from bad to worse. The request for proposal (RFP) is always wired for someone else. The
BD Challenges McAuliffe said the four BD challenges facing businesses are: Opportunity Focus – Not enough quality leads in the pipeline to support revenue projections Customer Focus – Customers assume disorganization when they receive calls from multiple people Knowledge Repository – Cannot find information to make fast, smart business decisions BD Process – Business processes cannot be institutionalized across

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