Commenting and Discussion Forum Policy

Below is the article and blog commenting, and discussion forum participation policy for Government Please check back periodically, as this policy may change without notice.

Government wants contributions, comments, and opinions. Commenting on article or blog posts by our authors, as well as participating in the open discussion forum, are important ways to fuel discussion, enhance knowledge, and grow our community.

It is essential that all commenting and discussion on the Government website be civil and respectful. Constructive dialogue, which focuses on topics and content, and NOT the author, are the best ways to be a thoughtful and valued contributor to this govcon community.

Government will not tolerate abusive or threatening language, or personal attacks.

There may be topics or responses that generate an emotional response. As a matter of policy, we will not tolerate abusive, profane, demeaning, insulting, or threatening language used in comments or our discussion forums, nor will we tolerate personal attacks against anyone - either active on the website or not. While there are strong opinions about government officials, as well as people in private life, we will not allow comments that attack any person, or any company, organization, or government agency.

We reserve the right to remove such comments, and suspend users without warning or notice, and we cannot guarantee that people who violate these policies will be allowed access in the future.

The website will be monitored, but we cannot guarantee a specific time-frame to respond to violations of our commenting and discussion forum policy.

We ask that readers not assume we frequently monitor all comments or discussion threads that are posted. We do not check comments or forums on a daily basis. To ensure free-flowing conversation, all comments and forum discussions will be automatically approved, pending a user's free registration.

If you suspect a comment violates our standards, please send a notification with as much information as possible so we can review that comment. We cannot guarantee that we will respond to every inquiry. To log a complaint, send an e-mail to "" with the subject line: "Review: Violation of Commenting and Discussion Forum Policy." Our team will then review the issue.

Additional Policy Guidelines

  • All articles, views, forum discussions, and comments, are the views and opinions of the person expressing them, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Government, its editorial team, or Founding Thought Leaders.
  • We ask that everyone take time to share their insights, and remember that reasonable people may disagree. If you experience a disagreement on a topic - make your position clear in a polite manner, but be willing to "agree to disagree" with others.
  • No article, blog post, comment, forum discussion, or other remark should be interpreted as legal advice OR work-for-hire. It is not. If you want to follow a recommendation or information offered on Government, please consult with our team at your company, and, if necessary, with a hired legal counsel.
  • Do not advertise or sell your products or services.
  • Do not use "uppercase" (UPPERCASE) text, as that is considered the online equivalent of shouting.
  • Humor is acceptable, however, sexually explicit or suggestive or offensive comments will not be tolerated.



Do You Have A GovCon Question?

Have a question about the GovCon industry? Send us your question, and we will circulate it to our panel of experts. We will post an answer to your question in our weekly GovCon Q&A Roundup, as well as send you a direct response. All submissions will be kept confidential. No names or email addresses will be shared publicly. No response should be considered legal advice.

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