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Since 2009, GDI Consulting (GDIC) has been providing capture management and proposal and technical writing services to private companies throughout the country with special emphasis in the Federal Government and local government sectors.

GDI Consulting has written many successful proposals for the Federal Government worth over $6.2 billion just in 2018, including a $1.2 billion MATOC for the USACE. We have a win-rate of 81% in 2018. We are, therefore, confident that we can produce a very effective product with a very high win-probability for your company.

Our Company is comprised of talented capture managers, proposal and technical writers, and graphic artists who can provide a full set of services to our clients without the need of any third party interaction. The majority of our proposal staff have over 20 years of experience working on Government proposals.

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    GDI Consulting
    2800 Eisenhower Avenue
    Suite 220
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    Tel: 571-206-4460

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