Government Contracts (Federal, State, and Local)

If you are interested in providing services or selling products to either the U.S. Federal Government, or state or local governments, you need background information on how governments do business. Every level of government, and some agencies within government, solicit and accept bids differently, and they all follow strict rules and processes.

The "Contracts" section focuses on providing as much background information and insight as possible into the world of government contracts and contracting.

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Find Federal Government Contracts

There are a number of different databases you can search in to find federal government contracts. Click here for list of databases to search for federal contracts.

There also are databases where government buyers go to find contractors. That information will be provided as it becomes available.

Find State and Local Government Contracts

Virtually every state and local government has an online system that allows businesses to search for contract opportunities. Not all systems are current, or include all opportunities available. In some cases, local governments only solicit from a group of businesses that they know about.

Click here to see the different state contracting databases (COMING SOON).

Click here to see the different local contracting databases (COMING SOON).

Not all state or local governments are represented. We are in the process of collecting this information, and we will update the website as we gather new sources.

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