Contributor Policy

Below is the contributor policy for Government Please check back periodically, as this policy may change without notice.

Government wants intelligent, thoughtful, and well-researched or well-reasoned (based on experience) contributions from people in the government contracting industry or government procurement.

Our audience are the professionals that make up the complex world of government contracting at the federal, state and local level.

Our goal is to enhance the knowledge and skills of our audience, as well as create a powerful and compelling enough presentation of content that our community prospers and grows.

Summary of Government Contributor Policy

As a contributor, you are expected to produce original work.

Your content should meet pre-discussed standards of insight and value to the community, and should not be a sales brochure or be otherwise overtly sales-oriented.

Generally speaking, longer-form content that is not repetitive and has substantive information on a specific topic will both meet audience needs and be more likely to be indexed higher by search engines - which will help get your content in front of its intended audience. Though we do not have a word count - content that is at least 500 to 600 words is a preferred minimum, while content under 2,500 words (unless absolutely necessary) is the preferred maximum. An ideal word-count range would be between 650 and 850 words - but this is only a suggestion.

As a contributor, you are expected to discuss your content idea prior to publication, and receive approval from the Editorial Team at Government Not seeking prior approval may delay or prevent publication of the content you have produced.

All contributors have free authoring rights on Government Contractors. However, we reserve the right to promote and highlight content from paid subscribers over those of just free / basic account holders.

Also, we reserve the right to remove content or hide content that is not original, or may contain improper reproduction of content from other sources or authors.

Become A Contributor

To receive free contributor access as either an Author or as a Thought Leader (Basic Level), we need you to complete a registration form. Click here to complete the registration form. The information you provide will be used to create your account. Account creation will occur within 12 hours. It can occur as quickly as within 10 minutes.

Note: We have two categories for a "free" account: Author and Thought Leader. An Author has no requirements on how frequently they need to blog. However, a Thought Leader is expected to blog a minimum of 3 times per month. As a result, Thought Leaders will be promoted on the website over Authors.

Once your account has been approved, we will need a photo, a short bio, and a signed agreement that is very simple - it says that you agree to adhere to the Contributor Policy, and produce original work / work that you own. You will then be given access to the system to author content. All final content must be reviewed by our Editorial Team prior to publication.

If you have questions about this, or any other policy, please contact our Editorial Team by e-mail at:



Do You Have A GovCon Question?

Have a question about the GovCon industry? Send us your question, and we will circulate it to our panel of experts. We will post an answer to your question in our weekly GovCon Q&A Roundup, as well as send you a direct response. All submissions will be kept confidential. No names or email addresses will be shared publicly. No response should be considered legal advice.

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