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Course Summary: On-Site Marketing Bootcamp for Government Contractors

The Social Web Tactics and Government Contractors Marketing Bootcamp contains a curriculum that is focused on the needs of government contractors.

This class will include content on the changing dynamics of audience-based targeting in marketing, using search behavior to create content, as well as local, national, and international marketing campaigns.

In this class, you will enhance your skills so you can more easily identify your target audiences and their needs, analyze challenges and opportunities common to many marketers, effectively manage teams, and build and execute campaigns that are designed to increase buyer awareness of brands, products, and services.

This Marketing Bootcamp will improve your ability to think critically, analyze analytical data, and effectively tell stories to generate demand / interest for your business or organization.

The goal of this class is to give you a highly-detailed examination of modern marketing tactics, and provide a base of knowledge that will enable you to be a more successful marketing professional.

2-Day, On-Site Marketing Bootcamp for Government Contractors

25 Lessons

There are 25 lessons for the one-day bootcamp. Each lesson is part of a different section of marketing. The sections are organized in an order based on what you need to complete before you move onto the next step of building your marketing strategy. The sections and lessons are outlined below.

15 Post-Class Hours of Consulting

Following the bootcamp, your organization's marketing team gets 15 hours of post-class consulting, which can include work to support your marketing initiatives. Additional hours or direct consulting engagements are available.

Recorded Session and Resources

The bootcamp is video-recorded. The complete video and resources are made available to your entire team on a specialized, private landing page. While there are some resources that are general, you also will receive specialized reports that are tailored for your company.


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