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One of the benefits at Government Contractors is that not only do we provide courses for you to further your knowledge and skills, we also provide you the ability to create your own course.

Why not share your knowledge with other government contractors and government decison-makers?

At Government Contractors, our support team will work with you on finding a good course topic, how to break your topic into lessons, and what kind of ways you want to test students to ensure they are mastering the material you teach.

Look at how the course creation process works, and the benefits of creating a course. Then complete the registration form below to get started.

Planning Your Course Is Easy With Our Team

We help you get organized, and plan out your course.

We will start with your idea. Or - we can help brainstorm some ideas based on your background, and what your company offers.

Once we have the idea locked down, we will review how you want to deliver your course. Do you want only videos? Or to include a mix of videos, resources, homework, and podcasts? We can help figure out what will be best for your audience.

Create Your Course Content

The next step is to create your course content.

We can help you produce your video lessons, power points, podcasts, and other resources. You do not need sophisticated or expensive equipment. Even a modern cell-phone with a video camera is perfectly fine.

We also can help editing videos or putting narration to slides and screencasts or product demos.

Our support team can make this a fairly easy process. And once you have gotten through this stage, you are two-thirds the way to publishing your first course.

Promote To Government and Business

The final step is to promote your course to our community.

If you want to reach government contractors, where else is better than Government

Our team will make sure your course receives some time as a featured course. We also will write a promotional interview about the benefits, help advertise, and promote your course through social media and e-mail.

Register To Create A Course Today!

Use the form below to register for a Teacher Account, and Government Contractors will contact you to get the process started.

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