Government Contracting Opportunities 2019 (Webinar Only)


Government Contracting Opportunities 2019 – Webinar

If you are outside the Metro Washington, DC region, or are unable to attend this event in person, we are streaming this event as a LIVE Webinar. The event also will be recorded. Registrants for the Webinar ONLY package are still able to submit questions to speakers, and will receive the presentation materials.


Event Summary

The 2018 fiscal year ended with government agencies needing to spend tens of billions of dollars more than they requested. This created a flurry of last minute deals that pushed contractors to the wire. As the new fiscal year starts – stops – and starts again due to budget negotiations, another flood of spending on key federal initiatives seems likely to occur.

Where will the greatest opportunities be for government contracts heading into 2019?

What areas and trends do government contractors need to be aware of?

Join Government Contractors and our distinguished panel of experts from government and industry as they break down the key trends, and provide a high-level of insight into the opportunities that companies can expect.

This Government Contractors morning event will feature a government speaker, a discussion with Amber Hart and Lisa Shea Mundt of GovCon Pulse, and a panel government contractor executives.

Our event, located in the heart of Washington, DC, will include actionable information, as well as opportunities to network, and ask questions.



Additional information

Event and On-Demand Video

This event includes a ticket for admission, as well as access to the on-demand video recording of the event, as well as any presentation assets that are being made available to those who attend or plan to attend.

Continental Breakfast

Starting at 7:30, and available throughout most of the event, there will be a continental breakfast available in the lounge area near the meeting space. Coffee, water, juice, assorted bread and muffins, as well as eggs will be served. This is included in the price of the ticket.


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