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Guy Timberlake is a Founding Partner of Government Contractors, as well as Chief Visionary Officer and Chief Executive Officer of The American Small Business Coalition (The ASBC), an innovative membership, education and networking organization aiding companies around the world with finding, qualifying and winning business opportunities in the government sector, and assisting government agencies with identifying viable industry partners to support their business and mission requirements.

Under Guy's leadership, The American Small Business Coalition is credited with enhancing the knowledge, skills and confidence of small government contractors, facilitating hundreds of productive partnerships between small, mid-tier and large companies, and contributing to the successful capture of contracts and subcontracts resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in receivables for member companies and contract and corporate employment opportunities for thousands of individual professionals.

Latest Articles

For me, fair opportunity is not the best value in Simplified Acquisitions for agencies or small business concerns. With the recent increases to the micro-purchase threshold and the simplified acquisition threshold as
Originally published May 16, 2017 on GovConVoices Having started my journey in the federal contracting community close to 30 years ago, I’ve seen quite a few changes in policy and process
Do you know the difference between a BOA, BPA and GWAC? Understand how agencies leverage Purchase Orders versus Delivery and Task Orders? You’re far from alone if you don’t. However,
Originally published February 2, 2017 on GovConVoices Having been a part of the federal contracting community for close to 30 years, I’ve seen quite a few changes in policy and process
Over the years I’ve done a number of comparisons assessing the economic impact of federal contracting dollars on small business concerns by looking at the procurement methods and the types
There’s change afoot in government contracting that if adopted, could actually achieve the always elusive win-win scenario. Its origin? Quite literally the last place on Earth anyone would expect something

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