Michael Hackmer

Michael Hackmer is the CEO and Founding Partner of Government Contractors, and the Founder of Social Web Tactics, a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing for government contractors, technology companies, and K-12 and higher education businesses and organizations.

Hackmer also is the CEO of Catoctin Education, Time To Brainstorm, YourTravel.Guide, and CBT Media.

Prior to starting his businesses, Hackmer managed SEO and content for Strayer University, and managed part of the new website deployment, as well as creation of the company's content portal, the Buzz Blog. Prior to Strayer, Hackmer was the Senior Community Manager for the GovWin govcon network. He also has worked as a marketing and project manager for CMAi, managing public sector marketing campaigns for companies such as HP.

Latest Articles

Copies of the US Federal Budget
The U.S. federal government set a record in individual income tax revenue in 2018, collecting more than $1.683 trillion from taxpayers, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released this month. The period reflects the government’s fiscal year, which runs from October 2017 to September 2018. However, while the government collected more revenue from taxpayers in history, it
FedFem Awards Honoring Women Owned Businesses in Government Contracting - LeadersNest
LeadersNest has announced the 2018 FedFem Award Winners, who will be honored at a special event on Thursday, October 25, 2018.  Here is what you need to know: FedFem Awards: The FedFem awards (www.fedfemawards.com) salute high-impact women-owned businesses (WOBs) and executives of the government contracting (govcon) industry. This is the first awards program in Washington, DC
L3 Harris Technologies
In an all-stock merger, Harris and L-3 Technologies merged to create the sixth-largest defense contractor in the U.S. The new company will be known as L3 Harris Technologies. The deal, with a value of approximately $34 billion, passes the Boeing merger with McDonnell Douglas as the largest in the history of the defense industry. Once the deal
Pentagon - U.S. Department of Defense
Google has decided to not bid for the Pentagon’s $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract known as JEDI. According to published reports, a Google representative stated that the contract may violate principles or values the company recently set when taking on contracts that involve artificial intelligence (AI), and the contract scope may be
F35A Lightening - US Air Force
Congress has increased Defense spending in a number of areas, often exceeding what the DoD has requested. However, despite having a large amount of unobligated money, contract awards have been slow. Unobligated money is money allocated to a department or agency that has not yet been obligated to a specific program or purpose. A department’s
Government Contractors - U.S. Capitol Building and Dome
The “minibus” appropriations, or spending bill, that was passed by Congress and is expected to be signed by President Trump, avoids a government shutdown for the moment. The bill is one of three bills – all of which are designed to fund approximately 90% of the U.S. government’s operations through December 7, 2018. However, Congress
Marketing automation is a form of CRM or customer relationship management. It is a software tool (typically cloud-based) that allows marketers to better manage their engagement with prospects and customers on communication channels such as: websites, e-mail, social media, online search, and advertising. One of the core benefits of marketing automation is to automate communication
If you are interested in marketing automation for your business, government agency, or organization, then it is important to have a complete understanding of what is marketing automation, and why it is important, before you start to compare and contrast the different service offerings and prices. As we defined on our page, “What Is Marketing Automation,”
Being competitive and staying competitive are essential to any business. Search online and you will find an almost infinite number of people offering ideas and best practices. When I hear people ask what does it take to be competitive or stay competitive in government contracting, the answers I most often hear revolve around tactics from
How powerful is the financial influence game in government contracting? Do small businesses that want to grow and that do not want to be relegated to subcontracting roles, need to pay someone in order to obtain a substantial fee contract as a prime contractor? I received a series of emails from a couple of GovWin

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